Better-Understand-Your-Dog-with-These-12-Facts-CRM166-1 12 Facts That Could Make You A Dog-Whisperer

Next Facts That Will Help You Better Understand Your Four-Legged Friend Since there’s a communication barrier, we often wonder what it’s truly like to be a dog. What do they think? How do they see the world? If you’re a dog owner, there’s no doubt that you will appreciate the following twelve facts.

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north-dallas-forty Peter Gent and North Dallas Forty

Photo via Youtube Peter Gent played for the Dallas Cowboys during the Don Meredith era. He was an All American at Michigan State in basketball but played receiver in high school. An excellent student in college, he was even drafted by Baltimore of the NBA. In short, he was a man who had many options […]

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Octopus-Adorabilis The Tiny Octopus That Is Adorabilis

It’s something straight out of a cartoon, and it lives in the deepest parts of the ocean. The creature is so adorable that scientist are considering naming it Opistoteuthis adorabilis. It floats along without a care in the world. The octopus uses its unusually large eyes to find its way around, (some say to steal […]

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