robot-warriors Gearing Up for Robots Fighting Wars

For those paying close attention, the story has been filtering through the static for years. Most often, the proof appears without warning in products that deploy with certain units, on certain battlefields. These new machines are already shaping the wars of the future and, as recently announced by the Department of Defense, the U.S. plans […]

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Weed-Kills-Cancer-CRM106 Weed Kills Cancer? US Government Says “Yes”

Let it never be said that Uncle Sam isn’t willing to at least discuss some of the benefits of weed, so long as the conversation is carried out in a lab with money from the federal government. Supporters of marijuana as a treatment for medical conditions just added one more bit of research to their […]

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10-Toxic-Products-That-Youre-Probably-Using-Every-Day-CRM00074-1 Ten Toxic Products You’re Probably Using Everyday

Next Ten Toxic Products You’re Probably Using Everyday It’s one thing to eat healthy and stay active, but it’s another to understand the toxic chemicals you’re being exposed to. There are thousands of chemical additives and toxins used in many everyday products. These are some of the worst, so think twice before using these ten […]

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