microsoft Microsoft’s Big Mistake

Photo: TNW Microsoft has recently announced a huge employee layoff, and the loss of 7,800 jobs constitutes the company’s second mass firing in a year. In 2014, 18,000 jobs were slashed, which means the Windows manufacturer has effectively eliminated over 25,000 positions. Clearly, the business has been doing something wrong! While it may seem complicated, […]

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33-Beautiful-Celebrities-Over-40-Who-Are-Fiercely-Fit-CRM192-1 33 Beautiful Celebrities Over 40 Who Are Fiercely Fit

Next Beautiful Celebrities Over 40 Who Are Fiercely Fit Nowadays, some of the most rockin’ bods in Hollywood belong to quadragenarians and other seasoned stars who are in their 50s or even 60s. In slideshow form, here are some celebrity fitness inspirations for keeping it together regardless of age.

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surprised-about-puppy When the Puppy You Find is Not Really a Puppy at All

So, picture this: you’re lakeside with your family on a holiday weekend, and you stumble upon what appears to be an orphaned puppy in poor health. There’s no sign of his family and no indication that he belongs to anyone. Not knowing if he’ll make it on his own, you take him home and prepare […]

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