jack-white-music-video 8 Messed Up Music Videos That You May Have Missed Recently

With all of the hype surrounding Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” and similar pop classics, other music videos are understandably being overlooked. To catch you up on today’s craziest, unseen musical shorts, we have compiled some of the most unusual recent releases that aren’t “Bitch Better Have My Money” or “Bitch I’m Madonna”: 1. Jack White: […]

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the-day-the-clown-cried It’s Official: The Day the Clown Cried to Be Screened in 2025

Jerry Lewis is one of mankind’s greatest humorists, and he paved the way for slapstick humor to become a mainstream pleasure. His status as a great funnyman is unquestioned, so his production of a Holocaust-themed comedy threatened to destroy his career and reputation alike. As such, he has refused to release The Day the Clown […]

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obama-and-kanye The White House Shuts Down Petition for Kanye West’s “SWISH”

President Barack Obama seems to have developed a particular distaste for Kanye West, and the White House’s tensions with our favorite rapper are back in the public spotlight. This week’s drama all started with an open petition on the administration’s online We the People platform, which facilitates public outreach between Americans and their government. Within […]

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