carhacking Carhacking: The New Form of Road Rage

As time goes on, the world is becoming more and more connected. Smartphones, with all of their Internet capability, have eclipsed the now obsolete flip phones, restaurants and gas stations offer free WiFi to their patrons, and new car models have computer systems installed that support a wide range of web connectivity. These advancements in […]

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mermen-hair Confusing Things: Mermen Style on the Rise

Photo: Fest 300 Now, we admit that we’re not exactly members of the fashion intelligentsia. We didn’t wake up this morning with every style secret kept by those in the know. We’re aware of what we see on the street and on TV, but that’s about all, and usually that’s enough. So where are we […]

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Relentlessly-Gay-The-Yard-That-Won't-Back-Down-CRM177 “Relentlessly Gay”: The Yard That Won’t Back Down

Photo: Source In what we hoped was a giant Internet hoax (and sadly have found that it is anything but), a Baltimore woman’s front lawn has once again been terrorized and accosted due to its sexual orientation. The basis of the assumption that this front yard is homosexual seems to stem solely from some tea […]

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