How-Your-Lifestyle-May-Be-Affecting-Your-Health-and-Safety-CRM00081-1 How Your Lifestyle May Be Affecting Your Health and Safety

Next How Your Lifestyle May Be Affecting Your Health and Safety You may think that fast food once a week can’t be THAT bad, can it? What about those seven cigarettes you smoke a day, or those 30 beers you drink a week? When it all adds up, you’ll be shocked about the damage you’re […]

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Next 1. Mario Lopez’s favorite wrestling partners are these two cuties.

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brady-guilty-of-deflating-balls Tom Brady Suspended For 4-Games, Patriots Fined and More

Photo via Youtube Deflategate never fizzled as an issue for the Patriots, and the commissioner’s much anticipated punishment was made today as a result of the damning 243-page report from Ted Wells’ investigation, in which it was determined that Tom Brady “was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities” by Patriots equipment personnel that […]

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